Designer Disguise Reveal New Concept Album, Elswaer, Shares New Music Video For Single, "Stardust"

Metalcore band, Designer Disguise have shared their dynamic driven new record Elswaer on January 20. Accompanying the release of the new record comes a new music video for their single "Stardust."
Elswaer threads together 10 tracks that molds a spacious story. The record introduces itself in a massive way, with bold soundscapes that deliver a cosmic environment. Designer Disguise highlight their capability to create unique music while keeping a sense of familiarity alive.
"This album is the story about finding hope when there feels like there is none. It is a classic hero’s journey in which our main character Kai is swept away from his planet Elswaer and taken on an adventure. He joins The Nova Children on their quest to find The Flame and defeat the evil New Order. This album inspects how it feels to fight for good and light when all feels it is in darkness." Says The band regarding the new record. "The songs are an introspection into the universe we’ve created, but even more so it is an illustration of our feelings living in our own dark world. In many ways this album is in response to the government, covid, and many other tumultuous world events. This is how we coped during this difficult time. We decided to tell a story. Welcome to Elswaer.’"
Alongside the band's album reveal comes a new music video for their single, "Stardust." The track glides in with echoes of smooth melodies. Visuals are furious with bold confidence and warmth.