Designer Disguise Share New Album Wow That's What I Call Metalcore Vol. 1 and Unveils Their Rendition Of Early 2000's Hit "Boom Boom Pow"

Metalcore band Designer Disguise are sharing their brand new album Wow That's What I Call Metalcore Vol. 1 on March 15 via InVogue Records. Along with the release of the album comes a brand video for the band's rendition of "Boom Boom Pow," originally performed by The Black Eyed Peas. This track joins Designer Disguise's other releases such as their fiery interpretation of iconic 90's hit "Wannabe" and early 2000's single's "Ms. New Booty" "Clarity," "Sexy And I Know It" and "Move Bitch." All tracks can be found on Wow That's What I Call Metalcore Vol. 1.
Designer Disguise puts a unique spin to The Black Eyed Peas' hit single "Boom Boom Pow." The band highlights their ability to intertwine their metalcore nature with electrifying pop melodies. Designer Disguise modernizes this nostalgic track while keeping its original integrity intact.
"This cover is the one we had the most fun constructing. It wasn’t planned when we went into the studio and we decided with our producer Hiram Hernandez that this one would be super fun and dynamic. As a pop song I never really vibed with it, but the changes we made sonically and in terms of arrangement make this a super awesome ride. Not only did we cover the main song but we finagled G6 by The Far East Movement and The Cataracts, The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang, and Du Hast by Rammstein into the song as well. We even translated some of the lyrics from Boom Boom Pow into German over one section. Hopefully we didn’t get duped by google translate and our German actually translates to what we wanted. We sat in the studio trying to pronounce the German words for 15 minutes before I recorded it. People are going to have a blast with this pop metal mash up, I would def dance to it at an emo nite." - Lead vocalist, Jackson Bengtsson
Designer Disguise have previously released a viral cover, their rendition of "Get Low" has accumulated nearly 2 million streams stemming from TikTok viral videos and user generated content. Their newest covers such as "I Want It That Way," caught fire on social media drawing in new listeners and building onto their ever-growing fan-base. Designer Disguise proves that their unique spin is built to last. As they continue to build and activate their ultra rabid fanbase at a feverish pace, they are constantly begging for hints and clues as to what song the band will reinvent next!
"The experience of creating this record was incredible. It took a lot of hard work and putting heads together to make it happen. After the success of Get Low it seemed like the right idea to have some fun and put out a bunch of pop metal bangers. We went back and forth within the band and then with the label trying to figure out what songs would be the most fun and the most well received and landed on these. All in all I think the songs and the sounds in the album represent the pop music we listened to growing up. These were songs you really couldn’t avoid coming up as an American millennial.
Furthermore, getting to work with Bob Becker (Thriller owner and original creator of Punk Goes Pop) on this project was thrilling. The man really knows his stuff and getting to talk and brainstorm with him about this was an honor. I’ll always remember the meeting when we finally came to Wow That’s What I Call Metalcore as the album name. What is also cool is that this name will live on beyond our record and is now a new place for other bands to put forth their best punk goes pop type covers. It really is the new generation of those type of covers.
This album encapsulates who Designer Disguise is sonically in a lot of ways. Despite the departure of our guitarist and vocalist Justin (Hoosti) White, I am so glad he got to be on this record doing what he does best. The songs range from ridiculously heavy to deeply sincere and emotional, which is who we are and have always been as a band and as people. The growth we have seen in our listenership because of these awesome covers has been incredible and I can’t wait to share the coming era of Designer Disguise with all those who have now joined us on our journey." Says Bengtsson about the new record.