If Not For Me Sign To InVogue Records, Share Brand New Single, "Demons"

Harrisburg, PA — InVogue Records proudly announces the signing of hard rock band If Not For Me. Simultaneously, If Not For Me is set to release their new single titled "Demons," a profound exploration of the human psyche's darker corners.
"Demons" delves into the depths of our minds, where unspoken thoughts and unresolved emotions fester and gradually lead us to unfamiliar and unwelcome territories," explains the band about their latest release.The introspective track brilliantly captures the struggle of feeling trapped and powerless against one's own destructive tendencies. It serves as a poignant reminder of the self-awareness that accompanies being a prisoner to one's own will.
If Not For Me's unique blend of musicality and introspective lyrics has resonated deeply with audiences, establishing the band as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative rock music scene. Their captivating sound and emotionally charged performances have garnered a loyal following, eagerly anticipating each new release.
Signing with InVogue Records marks an exciting new chapter for If Not For Me. The band is thrilled to join the label's roster, known for its commitment to nurturing and promoting emerging talent within the alternative/rock genre. InVogue Records has a proven track record of supporting artists and providing a platform for their artistic vision to flourish.
"We are insanely stoked for this new saga of our journey as a band, and are absolutely honored to be part of the InVogue Records family. Several artists on this label have really shaped who we have become as musicians. We can’t wait to contribute to the roster and keep that legacy going with our first new single “Demons.”" Says the band about signing to InVogue Records.
"Demons" is now available on all major streaming platforms. The single is a testament to If Not For Me's artistry and emotional depth, showcasing their ability to craft evocative and thought-provoking music.
If Not For Me have shown significant growth with their latest album, Eulogy charting at #53 on Current Hard Rock Albums, #70 on Top New Artist Albums and #173 on Top Current Independent Albums. The band have garnered 478k streams to date in the US alone and 900k total US streams across their catalog. If Not For Me have no intention of slowing down having shared the stage with Until I Wake, Palisades, Aphasia and Destroy/Create. They have recently performed in Lancaster PA alongside Killswitch Engage, current and more and have a set Spring Tour in support of Archers, (5/25-6/11.) Tickets for their forthcoming dates are now available.