Stain The Canvas Unleash Detailed New Album, All Fine / eniF llA

Post-hardcore band, Stain The Canvas have released their vivid new record All Fine / eniF llA
All Fine / eniF llA binds 16 tracks together formulating a gliding masterpiece. From the second the album begin, Stain The Canvas showcases their ability to put together scenic tracks that erupt into a fascinating soundscape. Songs hone in on a classic post-hardcore sound while melding adaption to today's music.
The new album features recently released single "Puppet." The song highlights suspenseful melodies that dances into an explosive soundscape. Guest vocals from Matthews hones in a sense of nostalgia for fans and new listeners, complimenting the cinematic nature of the track. Alongside the new track comes a striking new video furthering Stain The Canvas' creativity.
"“Puppet” describes the ultimate feeling aroused by a nihilist thought. An idea that starts to settle inside the deepest part of your mind, whispering you don’t like what you used to live for anymore, but you can’t stop doing it since you gave way too much for it; so all you become is a puppet." Says Guitarist Lorenzo Accattoli about the new track.
“All Fine / eniF llA” is a deeply personal journey into an anti-hypocritical point of view and a pessimistic perspective about life in general. It doesn’t want to save you because it can’t, but it wants to show to hopeless ones they’re not alone, and they are comprehended. Whenever something goes unexpectedly wrong, you can listen to this record, take your time and accept your current situation, instead of trying to pursue happiness and hope when you just need a break. You can’t always feel good and that’s fine/enif.” Says Guitarist, Lorenzo Accattoli.